My work is focused on the analysis of perception and the creative phenomenon, challenging our understanding of reality.

I examine the relationship established between the viewer and the artwork, making him/her participate just with his/her simple presence. To this end, I use various levels of representation, ranging from installations, photographs or graphic artwork to new media such as video creations, projections or video mapping.


I am particularly attracted by the fugacity of appearances and the instability of the visible world, and I try to give body to immaterial and apparently imperceptible realities. I am deeply interested in working with elements such as light, shadows, colour and the spatial and temporal complexity.


Some of the concepts I use have to do with deconstruction and fragmentation; Elements that originate an estrangement from reality, time and memory, eye and mind.  Ultimately, I examine the mutable nature of things, the ambiguity of the gaze and the power of suggestion, as well as the idea of interpretation associated with the individual memory and contemporary culture and visuality. I believe that a piece of artwork goes beyond the object, generating experiences.

Beatriz Castela, 2016